Beyond Extreme - Paraglide

EP to CP Paragliding Course (Pay as you go) 

(Every Tuesday, Wed & Sun from May to Oct)  
weather dependent. Small groups Max 4 People.
After you have done a 1 day taster you can then do EP to CP days which will let you become a Club Pilot.

 £200 per day plus BHPA membership approximately 8 days needed to complete CP Course.
You will need your own paragliding equipment at this stage which you can purchase from us. Once you have your own equipment the course fee will reduce to £150 per day. 

The Club Pilot course  is for the people who have completed a day taster and want to progress to club pilot flyer.
This qualification means you can fly safely anywhere in the U.K and also recognised in Europe. We operate a pay as you go system so no money up front just pay on the day.

 You will also need to join the BHPA (British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association) cost £128 for the year.
 This gives you public liability insurance and Skywings magazine every month. It is our governing body and keeps our sport safe as well as providing lots of information on all aspects of paragliding including competitions, holidays, clubs and flying sites.

You'll get to try your first launches, initially on the flat or down a gentle incline, and as you get used to the controls and become more confident, gradually work up through short hops a few feet off the ground towards longer and higher flights from further up the slope.

From then on we teach you all aspects of mountain paragliding in accordance with the BHPA association over the next few weeks. 

We start around 11am and finish around 5pm. We get you to book your day with us and then you ring or message the night before to check if the course is on and where we are meeting.    
Please note we only supply paragliding equipment for the day tasters. To do your EP to CP course you will need to purchase a paragliding equipment package from us and then the course fee will be reduced from £200 to £150 per day.
If you have your own equipment it needs to be EN/LTF A certified and the fee will still be £200 per day.

 Call now to start your course or ask for further information.    

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