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Start Beginner Paraglider LTF/EN A
The START ONE is a new wing project especially tailored to the beginners in our sport to help them get started.
The wing is designed primarily for teaching but also suitable for pilots who are particularly concerned on safety. You can learn on this wing, create confidence in flying, continue to develop in the sport to traverse with safety all key stages of paragliding.
The START ONE is certificated EN / LTF A and meets the most stringent requirements in terms of passive safety.
The new technologies make it possible that the glider executes all the necessary safety criteria for teaching and at the same time provides a performance in its class that have been unthinkable a few years ago.
We welcome on board all who wish to experience the emotions and challenges of paragliding and hope you'll enjoy every moment on this wing.
Price: £2,299.00
Prymus Beginner Paraglider LTF/EN A
The new PRYMUS FOUR is destined for newcomers and regular or sporadic pilots who prioritize safety and precision all the time.
It allows to feel the magic of flying, to benefit from thermals and updrafts enhancing step by step your flying skills.
The PRYMUS FOUR is a totally new project, presenting a new arched, stable and reliable canopy. The wing is lighter, has less lines, 3 risers, battens reinforcements and a refreshing design.
The PRYMUS FOUR is EN / LTF A certified what permits to be used in schools also.
Price: £2,499.00
Atmus 2 Intermediate Paraglider LTF/EN B
The ATMUS 2 is a basic intermediate for newbie pilots who want to upgrade to B category in order to develop their flying skills and prospecting longer flights as also for occasional pilots in search of an excellent balance of easy flying characteristics with increased performance and high passive safety.
As successor to the first version, on the all new designed ATMUS 2 were applied numerous performance-enhancing innovative technologies and intelligent detail solutions.
To create less impact on the environment, a big part of the ATMUS 2 is made of undyed fabric, as all of our wings produced from 2017 on.
The fabric used in profiles, diagonal tabs and diagonal profiles, representing 40% of overall consumption, don't suffer dyeing process anymore what means a reduction of water consumption in the same scale
Price: £2,899.00
Ellus 5 Intermediate Paraglider LTF/EN B
SOL Ellus Five - the choice for a world of possibilities
The all new ELLUS FIVE, certificated with LTF/EN B, is an evolution within the "Ellus-Family", the fith generation. With his improved characteristics of handling and performance, glide, speed and stability the new Ellus Five is the perfect paraglider for pilots who want to consolidate the thermal flight and like to go on distance for many km without leaving the paraglider-category.
The ELLUS FIVE has its position above the gliders destinated for the entry to the level B, he offers clearly much more performance.
Characteristics of SOL ELLUS FIVE and diferences to the predecessors:
Price: £2,899.00
Enter Option Name:
Sycross Sport Class LTF/EN B
The new SYCROSS ONE : a thermal snooper in a sophisticated state-of-the-art construction with a tremendous XC performance that completes our B class in the high end level.
Destined to pilots in frequent activity who are evolving and searching for a high performance wing without abdicating from safety and confidence of B class.
Half of all pilots fly in B class and with the SYCROSS ONE we offer now the whole spectrum in this category:
Atmus One - EN B low, Ellus Five - EN B mid, SYCROSS ONE - EN B high end.
Price: £3,399.00
Lotus Performance LTF/EN C
With the new LOTUS ONE we present a wing of the latest evolutionary stage, in which all our technologies find specific application. The result is a pure performance wing for the competitive pilot.
One of its prime disciplines is the first-class climbing, even in weak thermals. Since we spend about 50% of our flight time circling in thermals, therefore the LOTUS ONE was designed specifically for optimum thermal response - the wing bite into the weakest thermals and convert them immediately into distance.
The LOTUS ONE is a wing where, deliberately, were not maxed out all possibilities due to aggressive trim. It targets the group of experienced pilots who annually carry out many hours of airtime and go about big tasks. Numerous test flights have shown: compared in performance, the LOTUS ONE has no need to hide from D wings.
LOTUS ONE - LTF / EN C certified in the sizes S - M - L - XL
Price: £3,499.00
The KUAT ONE is a completely new project, easy to fly with a simple handling, a notable performance gain and an innovative design.
This glider is directed to professional tandem pilots as for licensed leisure pilots, too, who fly for fun with friends and family, enjoying the pure pleasure of flying.
Offered in two sizes, the KUAT ONE is a LTF/EN B Tandem-class wing and requires the experience of qualified pilots for this purpose.
It´s efficiency and accuracy are similar to a modern B class glider, offering highest performance in even small thermals.
The perfect balance between easy handling and great performance.
Kuat One Features:

Easy handling at take-off / piloting / landing;
More precise and more compact construction with 5 cells more;
More compact AR real x projected;
3 risers and 15% less lines;
BT - Battens Technology;
Increased speed and glide gain of 1.0
Flight Characteristics

Its higher aspect ratio allows a more precise piloting both to active pilots who like to use the body, as well as to passive pilots who prefer to act using the brakes. This characteristic allows a great performance in weak and strong thermals, while stability is maintained.
Long and tolerating brake length;
Excellent and precise handling;
High internal pressure;
Stability in full speed;
Light reactions in extreme conditions;
Good passive safety;
Excellent take off characteristics, even in nil wind;
Comfortable piloting;
Good behaviour in thermals.
Price: £4,399.00
The KANGAROO FOUR is the evolution for the Kangaroo series that innovated in the concept of tandem wings.
Its predecessors are symbols of tandem wings with performance and features beyond those found in the market, that established world records and memorable flights.
After 2 years of tests, many prototypes and several hours flying, we present the KANGAROO FOUR that innovates in performance and construction of tandem gliders.
Flexible battens;
Vectran® ULTIMATE lines;
65 cells;
Hybrid fabrics;
6,25 real A/R;
4,61 projected A/R.
The Project

The KANGAROO FOUR requires experienced and qualified tandem pilots. The performance and handling of the KANGAROO FOUR make the key difference between the tandem paragliders.
The efficiency is similar to a high performance paraglider. Its manoeuvrability allows to climb even in the smallest and weakest thermals. It is an excellent compromise between ease of use and performance to conquer great flights.
Price: £4,699.00
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