Beyond Extreme - Paraglide

Standard Course Options below:
 One day taster £185.00
This is a one day introduction to paragliding, giving you a flavour of what it's all about. In this first day, we teach you parachute landing falls (PLFs) and introduce you to the equipment, pre-flight checks, and accessing the site and weather conditions.

You'll get to try your first launches, initially on the flat or down a gentle incline, and as you get used to the controls and become more confident, gradually work up through short hops a few feet off the ground towards longer and higher flights from further up the slope.
Once you have completed a 1 Day taster and you wish to continue to Club Pilot you need to join the BHPA as a annual member which costs £121 then pay £170 per day as below. The 1 day taster counts towards your club pilot.......
Full training course from beginner to club pilot. 
Pay as you go.
 £170 per day approximately 8 days needed
This course is for the complete beginner to club pilot. No need to pay all upfront just pay on the day. First you need to join through us the BHPA as a annual member which is £121 per year.

 This gives you public liability and skywings magazine every month. Then it's just £170 per day and will take approximately 8 days to complete the club pilot training course. Once you have achieved club pilot you can fly at any of the UK paragliding sites and also abroad.

Through the training process you may want to purchase your own equipment. We can sell you the perfect combination dependent on your level of flying and what you want to achieve from the sport, whether it's going lightweight mountain flying or cross country flying we can find the perfect glider for you.

 Call now to start your course or ask for anymore information.    

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