Beyond Extreme - Paragliding , Paramotoring Courses
Paramotoring Courses:

In its simplest form paramotoring is a way of getting into the air with a paraglider and engine from a flat field. It can be packed into most cars and is lightweight to handle. The process of learning is quite straight forward and takes approx 8 days and then you can be as free as a bird to explore the skies.   
Training :
Basically you need BHPA power pilot rating which for a complete beginner takes around 8 days at a cost of £2000. You do need to use your own airworthy paramotor or purchase from us equipment we have tested and feel is the best on the market. 
If you are already a paragliding pilot it's just a 2/3 day conversion course costing £800 for the conversion to BHPA power pilot rating. 
You will need your own certified  airworthy equipment - we are happy to advise and all equipment needed can be purchased through our shop. 
The only extras are the british hang gliding and paragliding association membership  £121 per year which also gives you public liability insurance. Exam fees are £10.   

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